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Operator License No 1633 Form OFCA.


PTT´s Interconnected


Years in the industry.


We serve all the continents

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Airstar Telecom is one of the Top Worldwide Wholesale and Retail Telecom Carriers operating with cutting edge technology with its innovative deployed IPX Enhanced Network, providing high quality Managed Termination globally with unique niche strengths in the Latin American & African Regions. Wholesale market with Direct links to over 100 countries with its over 600 interconnections worldwide. Airstar Telecom welcomes new partners to join us to maximize Airstar's’ extensive array of opportunities in the voice market .


currently interconnects with over 170 carriers around the world.


Very competitive rates, especially to destinations where have our own infrastructure.


The finest and continuously upgraded technology that allows us to provide the highest telecommunications.

A to Z Wholesale Route

Along with Airstar’s advanced VoIP, Direct Termination, and Teleblock Services, our Wholesale A-Z Origination & Termination offers operators with precisely the tools to execute dependable and steady telecommunication system and realizing the full potential of your business to be more competitive and globally-established.
Airstar Telecom offers Wholesale A-Z Origination & Termination services across at a very excellent price and toll quality. To guarantee that linked VoIP carriers, whether through one-sided or two-sided agreements, are being offered the maximum quality of wholesale carrier services, we constantly monitor the traffic on our wholesale ring.

Download sipgo dialer from From IOS or Andirod


Our Top Selling Routes

Airstar Standard IP to IP Voice is ideal for price-oriented services. We constantly monitor our traffic to ensure we deliver high ASRs, ACDs, and low PDD with the best offer rate.

Standard Route

Code Destination Rate
Camaroon All
502 Gautemala Comcel 0.0930
509 Haiti All 0.1850
215 Ethopia All 0.085

Premium WhiteRoute

Code Destination Rate
92 Pakistan All 0.02
880 Bangaladesh Mobile 0.015
855 Cambodia White 0.062



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About Us

Airstar Telecom Holding Limited

Airstar Telecom Holding Limited. Is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator ), Tier2 Internet Telephony Service Provider based in Hong Kong, established in May, 2011. With the purpose of providing carrier grade Telecom services and IP based voice and data solutions for wholesale,retail and corporate customers.
Airstar Telecom Holding Limited, gives its customers a central entry point to top – tier quality routes with no volume commitments. We are maintaining relationships with 100+ voice termination carriers, including Tier 1 Voice over Internet Protocol (IP Communication )/ Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) carriers throughout the world. We deliver premium quality telecommunications services to retail, wholesale and corporate customers throughout the world. With our on-going substantial investment in technology infrastructure, highly skilled and dedicated personnel, long –term strategic partners and best practices, we have achieved strong presence in wholesale telecom business. This gives us the ability to offer our customers very competitive rates that will enable them to enjoy attractive margins while emaining competitive in market. We value our customers. Our policies are adapted so as to meet the best interest of our customers and our stakeholders by catering pragmatic and reliable services. We have put in all our efforts to insure that our customers make the best out of our services, in the simplest way possible.
We terminates large quantities of telecom traffic worldwide. Due to our sizeable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates in the industry, and therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients. We provides A-Z voice termination through interconnections with Tier 1 Providers. The quality of our connections is simply best possible. High ASR & short PPD witness the high standard of our system. The Airstar Telecom network is supported by a 24/7 network-operation-centre, ensuring the constant quality of our service.
Since our inception, Airstar Telecom Holding Limited has developed and managed own networks in over a dozen of counties in South America, Africa and the Middle East, currently delivering premium call termination services to over 80 international telecommunication carriers, calling card companies and service providers worldwide. Airstar Telecom specialized in making complex global solutions simple. From developing and managing foreign relationships to designing and implementing local infrastructures, Airstar Telecom successfully delivers integrated solutions in country and on time.

Mission Statement

To provide reliable and effective IP based voice and data communication services to the wholesale/retail and Enterprise/SMBs market segments emphasizing professionalism with outstanding customer service by consistently satisfying the realistic expectations of customers and stakeholders.


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